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Hello Loves,

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

Starting this year with full of good vibes and love all around. Aren’t you glad it’s January? If you are jewellery enthusiasts like I am, a new year is an ideal time to add some new pieces to your jewellery collection and continue to build a jewellery wardrobe that works for you.

Also, wedding season is round the corner, Help! That is what can come to a lot of people’s minds when shopping for an engagement ring. Naturally, shopping for a ring requires a lot of decision making and is an intricate process with lots of small details to go over.

As you all know, last month I visited a Jewellery Showroom called “BHARATJI” (1-3, Pariseema Annexe, Lal Bungalow Cross Roads, Samartheshwar Mahadev Rd, Ellisbridge- Ahmedabad)

It happened again; I wanted to explore their new launch – BeOne’ Engagement Rings!!

Their new collection ‘BeOne’ reflects the charm of the relationship between two people. The bond and the love they share together. The journey of their new beginning as well as entailing all the twist and turns into their life.

Every ring from this collection boasts of the excellent craftsmanship as each piece is made with immense love and meticulous detailing.

With its ‘Veni’ Kala – their proprietary pattern, rings mirror the pragmatic approach of taking a circuitous route of discovering the nuances of your partner’s persona, finding a friend in him and unravelling his unique love language before ‘Becoming One’, before taking a plunge in the divinity of married life.

The ‘Veni’ Kala is fashioned gracefully in rose gold, white gold, and stunning yellow gold to make the signature collection of these solitaire rings even more striking.

Exclusivity of Bharatji’s Engagement Rings:

  1. Perfect Prong Setting Often it happens that the rings which we wear on daily basis require a lot of care. BeOne engagement rings come with an exclusive prong setting at the edges to hold the diamond perfectly. One doesn’t need to worry about the edges, and can wear them on daily basis.
  2.  Veni Kala (Twist & Turns)Kala is the signature element in their collection. The twist & turn pattern crafted in diverse ways form the exclusive identity of their BeOne engagement rings. It’s all in the detailing and their exclusive craftsmanship.
  3. Solitaire The solitaire is selectively chosen for you and elevated to the perfect height where it shines to its maximum capacity.  Picking up a pure diamond ring for your better half isn’t a simple task. The single diamond held by the four-prong setting truly showcases the symbol of love. The cute diamond stone sits on the three plain bands of which one is in the shade of rose gold. The classic cut on the gemstone makes it look elegant and can be cherished by the bride for her lifetime. The solitaire ring has always been the choice of design for the engagement rings as it look classic.
  4. It pairs well with ethnic wear or a bridal gown.Choosing the original diamond ring having the right design, colour, shape, and stone needs a lot of guidance. At Bharatji, they have all the expertise for each section and need.
  5. Unique Design The most important factor when it comes to picking up the designs. For some, there would have always been a dream design on the mind, so it might be an easy task to make a decision. For others, the idea of choosing a diamond ring with the proper stone and design might be a challenging task. Hence, here, at Bharatji, buying an engagement ring is made easy with the exclusive collection of BeOne solitaire rings.

Explore their dainty collection – Click here

Coming to the moment I entered the store, the warm welcome made me feel like a home. Their process to deal with the customer is so genuine and real.

I was also stunned by the beautiful décor of the store. It’s so elegant and soothing. Sharing below some of their recent launch collection which is in White Gold, Rose Gold and Gold.

So, what are you all waiting for? Explore the most unique collection of Engagement rings right there! Bharatji has the answer for all!

Stay connected.

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Hey Loves,

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! This is my very first Blog of 2019. Let’s start it with the freshness and fragrance all around.

Let’s face it, bars of soap are old school – it’s all about the body wash these days. When picking one out, it’s often the scent that seals the deal, because who doesn’t want to smell like warm vanilla sugar or Japanese cherry blossom?

Never underestimate the power of a superb body wash: The best of them can leave your skin softer — and possibly healthier — after a couple of uses. Plus, it can make you smell like a treat and even thwart body blemishes.

Grab your loofah (or, on second thought, maybe stick to your hands) and shimmy into your birthday suit — it’s time to take a second to treat your shoulders to your feet. (For the full body-pampering trifecta)

Let me tell you, I am a big sucker for Body Wash and Shower Gels!! I have tonnes of them and every month I love to try new of them. Recently, got my hands on ‘BODYCODE’ Body Wash which are so phenomenal.

BODYCODE Body wash enriched with natural ingredients deeply cleanse your skin and uplifts your mood with the experience of mesmerising fragrance. I was so happy that they are so cheap and economical.

I got three of them, and already tried them for two weeks. They smell amazing and you feel so fresh!


This body wash is made up of natural extracts which effectively cleanse & balances skin without stripping and keeps your skin fresh & smooth. Nourishes & moisturizes skin, leaving it soft and healthy.

Upgrade your bath routine with our one of its kind Body Wash and get a big warm hug in the shower on a hectic day with lovely floral fragrance along with magical benefits of turmeric. I so loved the fragrance and the natural ingredients of white lotus and turmeric makes my skin feel so soft.


This body wash is enriched with natural ingredients of Lavender & Aloe-Vera will leave your skin feeling and smelling beautiful all day. Lavender eliminates nervous tension and Aloe Vera repairs the skin.

This is my favourite body wash. I personally love this body wash as the fragrance is so good and gives me a super fresh and charismatic feeling.


Body Code Ready to Bloom “3-IN-1 Head to Toe” with 3 in 1 application – Shampoo, Face Wash & Body Wash Shower Gel with Chamomile Oil & Calendula Extract. It is formulated for both Men & Women.

Chamomile Oil & Calendula Extract helps in keeping hair smooth and nourishes the skin. A 100% vegan & cruelty free face product manufactured in strict accordance with international standards & is suitable for dry skin, oily skin & even sensitive skin. This is only worth Rs.299/-.  They are also available on and .

Keep following points in mind while using a Body Wash:

  1. Body wash and washcloths go hand-in-hand:Using a washcloth will work best to get a good lather. Plus, it’ll help scrub away dead skin cells.
  2. It’s great for moisturizing:Bar soap is infamous for drying out skin, whereas body wash is better at moisturizing because many contain lotions or oils.
  3. But that doesn’t mean skip the moisturizer:While many body washes do contain moisturizers, most are not sufficient enough to prevent or treat dry skin on their own. If you suffer from dry skin, follow up with a moisturizing lotion within three minutes of leaving the bath or shower.

So, don’t forget to try these and stay connected loves.





Hey Loves,

Every girl dreams of a fairy-tale wedding in which she is a regal bride, wearing that quintessential bridal gold necklace around her neck, striking the perfect balance between elegance and sophistication. I know the wedding season is round the corner and we all might be busy shopping for a friend’s wedding or our own.

Jewellery always adds to your persona. That is why it’s important to have a piece of versatile jewellery from every category. A dainty bracelet, a pair of gold bangles, a piece of statement jewellery, fancy dangles, a remarkable diamond ring, a pair of daily wear ear studs and traditional jhumkas.

This wedding season, be an exemplary bride by choosing contemporary and graceful necklace designs.

I recently visited a store BHARATJI Since 1975 (1-3, Pariseema Annexe, Lal Bungalow Cross Roads, Samartheshwar Mahadev Rd, Ellisbridge- Ahmedabad)

Bharatji Since 1975 is a young and vibrant brand that carves exclusive jewels inspired by customer’s stories. Golden hues, textured walls, antique crystal chandeliers, and warm lights adorn Bharatji’s newly done-up store, where buyers can feast their eyes ad infinitum on their timeless, classical pieces.

The gems and jewellery experts at Bharatji carefully select each piece for purity and brilliance before it’s handed over to the craftsmen, who painstakingly fashion out a dazzling ornament from a piece of stone.

Each bespoke article that they painstakingly craft is a piece de resistance- hand-cut, inlayed, polished and put together with passionate care and ultimate precision. They are jewellers who provide you with the best of the best in bridal, wedding or designer jewellery.

Their jewellery is crafted with superior materials and inspected for exceptional quality standards. We’re confident that you won’t find a better diamond or a piece of jewellery than what we offer at Bharatji. Every product is designed with a high-quality finish, keeping in mind the taste, style and personal preference of the customer.

Bharatji (Earlier known as Chamunda Jewellers) is synonymous with trust and quality. I was certainly astonished by their warm welcome. The moment I stepped in I was really awestruck with the designs and collection. Their designs are to die for.

I couldn’t control my excitement to try out their latest Bridal Collection which has both the elegance of Gold and Diamond into it.  Let me share some of my Favourite Collections from the store.


As beautiful as the name, this necklace is an ornament which can be passed down from generation to generation as a family legacy. Magnificently hand-crafted, this remarkable diamond necklace design stars brilliant cut diamonds in a contemporary indo-western pattern.

Pair it up with any outfit, be it bridal wear or party wear, I am sure its eye- catchy!!


This colossal necklace is a royal masterpiece. The vintage Kundan necklace adds drama and poise to every bride’s jewellery box with intricate uncut diamonds, rubies, and emeralds set in a traditional and timeless Kundan style. The heavy duty necklace immediately transports you to ancient India giving you the feel of being a powerful and fearless regal empress.


This quintessential jewellery of a traditional bride is inspired by the ornaments used to bedeck gods. Be a south Indian enchantress with the intricate traditional motif, scintillating rubies and splendid emeralds embedded in pure yellow gold, which keeps you devoted to your conservative roots. The colossal nature of this custom made necklace strikes a stunning contrast on the simple and muted south Indian bridal saree. Pair this spectacular piece with our custom-made traditional temple jumkas and relish the spotlight like a monarchical queen.

Hope you all loved the collection. Can’t wait to visit the store again and share more pictures and their new collection with you all.

Don’t forget to visit the links below :

Love, XOXO

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Hey Loves,
Bringing in December with some ethnic love to you all. I know you all might be busy prepping for vacations this holiday season and looking forward to some celebrations. So, here is some ethnic advice for a glamorous look.

Check out this link to know what I’m talking about!

KURTIS have revolutionised the way Indian women look, feel and express. This piece of trendy garment that can neither be classified as Indian nor as western has become one of the most versatile and stylish statements for women across all barriers of age, size and religion. A tunic or a Kurti would be an ideal pick for any occasion.

So, I was scrolling for the perfect outfit for my office wear as well as for special occasions. I came across a fantastic brand called Fashor.
They have the latest designer wear across India with all outfits designed by the best designers. With new, unique designs coming up every single day, they offer plenty of options to stay ahead on the style road 😉 So why spend time elsewhere when Fashor can be the one-stop shop for your fashion needs.

They have all designer collection under one roof from basic to Indo western to heavy to minimal. All types of designer collections are available at an affordable range.
I loved the collection. I shopped three outfits including office wear as well as festive wear. I styled them exquisitely and minimally. In some cultures, the idea of minimalism had been established in ancient times, and they were expressed not only with things but also in the way we think.

1. Oxidised Metal Brooch Work Shibori Print Kurti – Dark Blue

This Kurti is a very straightforward shibori printed Kurti with circular shibori print buti on the lower flare with an antique finish paisley buttons on the centre front mock placket, oxidised metal ethnic brooch on the centre front mock placket and matching borders with a buttoned tab on the sleeves.


We can find them in 2 colours – dark cerulean blue & magenta, dark cerulean blue & lime green. It can be paired with leggings, churidaar etc. for an ethnic style. One can also wear it as a maxi dress, paired with shibori dyed stole.
I have just styled it casually as I wanted to create a basic look. Loved the fabric, it’s so smooth and soft.

2. Rustic Metal Buttoned Chequered Cotton Kurti

The second outfit I choose is this chequered Kurti which has a stand collar neckline and plain sleeves. It has a rustic finish with metal buttons on the centre front placket with matching border on the sleeves. We can pair it with leggings, fitted pants or palazzo pants with matching stole.

The print of the Kurti goes with the colour and makes the Kurti look beautiful overall. I added a hairband and a jegging to make it look casual and chic.

3. Crystal, Pearl & Dabka Work Buttoned Kota & Gota Lace Work Kurti – Double Layered

Lastly, as the festive season was around the corner, I opted this as my Diwali outfit. I loved the colour of this dress. It is a solid dyed inner Kurti with barfi buta printed straight cut upper Kurti. The inner Kurti has the gotta lace stripes border on the hemline and there are crystal & pearl embroidered buttons on the centre front placket of the upper Kurti. We can pair it with shimmer leggings, lehriya dupatta & golden accessories for a complete traditional look.

I created an Indian look paired up with bangles and earrings, and it added a lot of charm to my look.
I loved their collection. is now my go-to for adding some elegance to my wardrobe.
Don’t forget to check their exclusive collection. Hope you all loved the looks. Shop your favourite outfits here-
Stay tuned.  Love to all



Hey Loves,

How have you been? Preparing yourself for the season of Navratri right? I know the hustle of looking good, prepping your hair and skin right and a lot more things going on in your mind.

No more worries-  I have got a perfect solution for this season pre and post both. Salons are our perfect partner right? Recently visited to a newly opened Salon in the town. I am sure a lot of you might have heard about it.

Enrich Salon – In a decade and a half, they have emerged as Mumbai’s largest unisex salon chain with branches in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bangalore, Pune and now in Surat.


I couldn’t stop my excitement when I heard its finally opening in my city at Shop no L-5/6, Anjan Shalaka Apartments, Opp Jain Mandir, La Bungalow, Athwalines, Surat. They are known for our focus on training, customer focus, service consistency and quality standards.

Surat recently became the sixth city in the country and the third in Gujarat (after Ahmedabad and Vadodara) to have an Enrich Salon. And in a couple of weeks, it will have a second salon as well!

Discerning customers of Surat will now have the whole range of hair, skin and body services from the chain that’s been awarded the Best Salon Chain Award in the West, for years in a row!  

Monsoon has trolled over the condition of my hair. So, after the consultation with the hair expert at enrich salon, I opted for ‘KERASTASE EXPERIENCE RITUAL’.


Kérastase reveals its Hair Beauty Rituals for in-depth & sublime hair transformation. This tailor-made programmed starts with a hair beauty consultation with a Kérastase Stylist. Following your consultation, a personalized 3 step ritual will be recommended to meet your hair care needs & desires. Each gesture is designed to offer a unique beauty experience in 3 steps: Bathe, Treat, Texturise.

I was advised for this service by the Salon expert Mr. Jay Surti as my hair have become totally dry and damaged.

  1. Bathe

The Diagnosis starts with a questionnaire followed by an analysis of your hair and scalp with a magnifier. My perennial problem is of dry hair and an occasional dandruff resulting from this dryness. I was advised the “Smoothing Ritual”, a nourishing ritual, meant for dry, frizzy hair.

The “Bathing” is the shampooing, which thankfully did not turn out to be a nightmare as it often does for me, with water trickling down my back. Comfortable seats, water at optimum temperature and all is neatly done – hair wrapped and you are ready to start

  1. Treat

Then comes the primary component of the Ritual – “Treatment” of the hair. A small fancy looking glass bottle, consisting of a concentrated dose of what your hair needs is taken, cap is replaced with a spritzer cap and the dose applied to your hair from root to tips. In my case it was the orange colored cap again meant for dry, frizzy hair. Once the dose is applied, it is followed by a deep conditioning masque. Once that is applied comes the luxurious, relaxing massage lasting about 10-15 minutes…

  1. Texturise

Finally the “Texturise” part. The masque is rinsed off and thankfully no water dripping down the back again. Then comes the blow-dry. While after other hair spas you are advised not to get a blow-dry, with a Kerastase Hair Ritual a blow-dry is an integral part of the process as the Kerastase products are activated by heat.

The results, needless to say, depend to a great extent on the original condition of your hair. If you have totally fried, damaged and ruined hair, don’t expect a miracle in one sitting. When they assess your hair at the beginning, they will advise you a certain number of sittings to achieve the result you desire. Thereafter, probably a hair ritual once a month is what you will be advised along with a home care regimen.


The overall experience was amazing. Stunned by their space services and products.

So, after the above service, you can clearly see the picture of my happy and volumnised hair. The Staff was super friendly, well trained and quick in their services. All the staff was trained and humble.

The salon also offers other services with a membership card as well. The Kerastase has 20 % off on all its services only at enrich salon.

Can’t wait to be their prime member and avail all amazing services. Do drop a visit soon loves and pamper yourself.

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Stay connected, XOXO.





Hola !

Keeping up with the spirit of happiness as we wind up this month, I am serving happiness, positivity and energy. You know all the good stuff. Nothing inspires those virtues more than the color yellow. I think yellow is the perfect color to bring out the fun, cheerful character that is yours truly. And why not ooze all that awesomeness in a Yellow Bodycon Dress ! What’s not to love? It also gives me the sexy boss lady vibes.

I was browsing and got my hands on this amazing Yellow Bodycon Dress from

SassyStripes brings out the acceptance of the fact that all women were created infinitely beautiful. All they need is a little stardust, providing which in plenty is our guilty pleasure but hey, we’re not complaining! Their creations are versatile and flatter women of every taste.

They have all the collection under one roof from Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Plus size store even. The prices are super budget friendly and I am totally in the awe of their new collection.

This fire and ice yellow maxi dress brings out the oomph in me. When you want something hot, it makes perfect sense to go with the color of fire. But not the raging, burning fire !  Rather a more thawed icy, smoldering fire, or yellow.

This particular maxi dress has a quirky lace up detail running down one leg that finishes off in a knee high slit. Fire and ice, and all things nice! Coming to my look, paired it up with boots and a simple high bun. I kinda always like basic, chic and streetstyle. Also, a bag full of happiness- carried with a cute bag !

You can wear this maxi dress to any occasion from a brunch date to a basic college kinda look as well as a get together with friends.  The Side lace pattern has made this maxi look more sleek and sexy for me J Let me know how you are gonna carry this maxi dress?

Stay connected 🙂



Hey Loves,

Let’s talk about jewellery, diamonds and everything that’s beautiful!

Diamonds are girl’s best friend! Heard right?! Well, Of course. That’s a never ending love affair. Getting indulged into fashion, I believe that jewellery has its own way to speak.

Tassels swing back into fashion as maisons twirl art-deco influences in swishy high jewellery masterpieces. Tassels are so much fun. Quirky, flirty and swishy, they are a favourite with jewellery designers. Nowadays, they have no function except to look decorative.

Tassels’ greatest moment of glory was the art-deco period, but they swung back into fashion in 2014.  With a firm nod to the cool elegance of the 1920s, these luxurious tassel necklaces are the perfect way to embrace your inner free-spirited Flapper.

I recently came across as Brand – STAR JEWELLERY.

STAR JEWELLERY offers a delightful and surprisingly simple platform to browse a number of designs from the comfort of your couch, view every minute detail related to them. You can then compare them to finally decide upon that one unique piece which truly matches your expectations. And yes, all this while no salesmen are trying to push certain high margin products to you. This will help you calmly browse the designs and pick your favourite piece at your own pace.

They manufactures that piece especially for you, taking care of the many sophisticated process involved in jewellery making. After around a week, the piece comes to life and the craftsmanship shines through it. The beautiful diamonds and gemstones wait to be adorned by its beautiful and rightful owner. To give these rare gems their deserved place, the piece of jewellery is then certified & hallmarked from third party testing laboratories that confirm the true value of these stones.

The genesis of Star Jewellery can be traced back to 1998, when the diamond jewellery was manufactured and sold solely by taking orders of the select customers. From the very beginning, Star Jewellery has sourced its diamonds exclusively from Star Rays, a DTC sight holder. As a renowned name in the diamond industry, Star Rays has been dealing as a core manufacturer of diamonds since 1981; importing their own rough diamonds to cutting and polishing them. Star Jewellery’s manufacturing unit in Surat is well-equipped with ultra-modern machinery enabling them to manufacture diamond jewellery at par.

Star Jewellery brought to Surat a unique range of diamond and solitaire jewellery using the world’s finest diamond quality, VVS/FG, manufactured in-house at its factory in Surat. International certification of diamonds by the world’s reputed laboratories like GIA & IGI ensured trust in customers’ mind.

With its first venture being successful, Star Jewellery expanded its presence to Ahmedabad as well in 2014 when it opened its retail showroom in C.G. Road. Our own manufacturing facility allowed us to make exclusive diamond jewellery which for Ahmedabadis’ taste.

I was stumbled upon their collection. Talking of their recent range of Tassel Collection as well as Jacket Collection.  I was attracted much of all to their necklaces as well as rings. An amazing range of collection, designing at its best, product quality is simply awesome.

Coming on to my look, styled both the Star Jewellery collection in an Indian as well as western way. The Jacket Collection can be used as a ring, a pendant as well as earrings. It brings out the super elegance element, so wore a simple maxi dress to add a charm.

Tassel Collection is a blend of beads, long tassels and diamond, which according to me would rather go with an Indian Outfit. No doubt, I wore a Saree for the first time. Have a look here 


Hey Loves,

It’s been long we haven’t talked about something about health! So, today’s post is all about DETOX.  The detox juice diet has become very popular in recent years as an easier way to consume lots of nutrients without having to eat lots of whole fruits and vegetables.

Experts recommend you eat at least 6 to 8 servings of vegetables per day, which many people (myself included) have difficulty achieving. That’s where juicing recipes for weight loss can help fill the void. With a 3 day detox juice cleanse, you drink only juice and water for a period of time, usually for 3 days, to give your liver and digestive system time to detox.

During the cleanse, aim to drink every 2 – 2 ½ hours and try to be consistent. Skipping a juice may disrupt your blood sugar levels and cause you to go off the juice detox.

While I was searching something to make my tummy feel light, I got my hands on the ayurvedic products from

KIVA make tasty ayurvedic shots and other innovative, delightful products to bring the goodness of ayurveda to millennials. Ayurveda doesn’t need to be boring! No jargons, no imported herbs or fruits, no shortcuts. All products are conceived, conceptualized and produced completely in India at state-of-the art manufacturing units in Hoshiarpur and Jaipur. All processes from sourcing of ingredients to product packaging are closely monitored by experts.

For a lot of people, it can be difficult to get your recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Detox juice provides that extra nutrition you’re lacking in your diet.

Here are the top benefits of a juice detox:

  • Helps you lose weight quickly.
  • Improves nutrient absorption.
  • Feeds good bacteria in your gut.
  • Helps lower cholesterol.
  • Helps detox your liver.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels.
  • Improves your skin.
  • Broadens the range of vegetables you eat.
  • Improves athletic performance.

I got my hands on various candies and juice shots from kivalife. The below are the products:


Kiva’s Wheatgrass is a natural, Ayurvedic juice shot that helps in detox and immunity building. It surely taste yum and my tummy felt so light weighted.

The best source of chlorophyll, aggregator of all vitamin groups, numerous minerals and essential metals like iron and zinc. Fresh Wheatgrass juice, Aloe Vera juice, Coriander juice, Lemon juice, Lemon peel extract, Honey – all sourced fresh from the foothills of Himalayas.

How to consume:
Ready to drink. No mixing required. Shake well and Gulp! 1 shot every morning (preferably before breakfast).Consume regularly for minimum 2 weeks.


I tried Kiva wheat grass juice about a month ago and instantly liked it as it seemed all natural. Since then I have been using it every morning. I can feel its positive effects on my body immunity and general health. It also is better than similar other Ayurvedic brand products. Highly recommended for all age groups.


Another amazing product I bought is this Lemony Honey Cinnamon Shots. It taste super yum and yes we all know the benefit of Lemon and Honey.

This combination of Lemon + Honey + Cinnamon has been the most popular ayurvedic technique in India for weight loss. The pectin in Lemon makes you feel full longer, while the cinnamon helps in digestion and breakdown of carbohydrates

Fresh Lemon juice, Honey, Cinnamon extract, Ginger juice, Apple Cider Vinegar
This is the first ever Ayurvedic product I have tried and fell in love! It’s been a month since I have been consuming this and it has actually worked well. I definitely follow a balanced diet but this works so well in curbing my hunger pangs throughout the day.
The great part is their travel-friendly size, I am usually traveling for work and carrying these shots is so much easier in comparison to the big bottles. I feel they are completely worth the price.


Jaggery is known to be 50 times more mineral rich than refined sugar. It helps greatly to improve digestion, nourish the skin, purify blood and is great for treating respiratory issues.

Kiva Jaggery-Cinnamon Candy is a balanced fusion between the traditional ‘gud’ and cinnamon combining the comfort of jaggery with the richness of cinnamon.

Cinnamon has a significant positive impact on blood sugar levels besides reducing risk for heart diseases and cancer.

How to consume:
Anytime, anywhere, anyday. Though it benefits the most if consumed after meals.
Also a great substitute to refined sugar in your daily cup of tea.As soon as I opened it I was so happy to have it as a candy form. Loved it thoroughly. It has a proper taste of organic Jaggery with good amount of organic ingredients.
I added it to my Chai and it has given a new taste at all. It is purely amazing and we can use it in any way we like since it is organic.

So, are you a health conscious person like me? Then go grab these packets of candies and shots and enjoy the taste.

Stay connected loves 🙂

Cream ‘N’ Crust Cafe – An Abode for a Sweet Tooth

Hola Loves !!!

Cakes and Pastries (read – the evergreen heavenly Desserts!!!) have always been close to my heart even since I was a little girl 😛 

My cravings during my student life were often satisfied by the little outlet of Cream N Crust at Parle Point, and years after when I heard they now have a Cafe too, I couldn’t stop myself to check it out.

P.S. I often do Food and Cafe reviews, please click here more such stories.

It is one of the oldest pastry shops in Surat and was established in 1991. Cafe serves a variety of delectable divine delicacies, like cakes, pastries, natural ice creams, cupcakes and other fancy savouries and desserts


For me, nothing appeals more in a cafe or restaurant than its ambience. A nice ambience is a must for setting up your mood, to get you all excited and get you rolling with even more hunger !!! And this place scores bang on with a perfect 10 for Ambience.

The cafe interiors are a perfect combination of Classy and Glossy – with its vibrant colours spreading an Aura of ‘Happiness’ to sooth your eyes and soul. Design and cafe staff’s outfit imitates a traditional French bakery, and feels realistic.


The Food

Oh don’t get me started on this. I started drooling the moment I saw the Menu and the items on display!!!


The Cafe Menu mainly focuses on Desserts, but also offers yummy Snacks and Platters to fill your tummy to fullest. The Menu will surely induce a sense of battle of choices across your mind – where we have Cakes, Pastries, Desserts, Mini Desserts, Ice Creams and Beverages on offer; on the other hand, we have a list of delicious Savouries and Hot Snacks listed, to which even the strongest of minds can’t say No to !!!

So I decided to have a little bit from each of the sections, and started with the Farmhouse Fresh Pizza, to which I must admit, was one of the best Pizzas I had in a while. The bread was fresh and very soft, which was the best thing about it. To top it off, the toppings were ‘generous’ too, which made it look more tempting to eat with freshly melted mozzarella cheese oozing out – amazing feeling, isn’t it?

The taste was good, and was at par with my expectations. The pizza base and all the veggies in it were perfectly baked and the combination of authentic Italian flavours could be felt strongly, the moment you eat your first slice. Kudos to the cafe chef.

The next item I tried from the menu was Cheesy Volcano Burger, and boy did it live up to its name !!!  The patty was perfectly seasoned, and there was a volcanic river of cheese splashing out from all across. I’ll keep it on ‘top of my list’, the next time I visit this amazing cafe again.

Tried few sides as well, like the Napolean Slice and the Calzone, which are totally worth your attention. Great set of munchies when you are out there with your friends waiting for your main food items to arrive.

Ordered the ‘Fries and Dips’ from the Savouries, and was astonished to see 6 delicious dips being offered at just 100 rupees. A Definite ‘Value for Money’ food item.

Finally I decided to check out my favorite section – the Desserts!!! I ordered their signature Rainbow Pie along with a Red Velvet Pie, and I can assure you the taste, the creaminess and the smoothness of the desserts will definitely put you soaring on cloud 9. The two pies really awoke the little girl inside me, as I went down the memory lanes of my childhood remembering the times when I used to eat their Pastries after school.

My cravings were not satisfied yet, and decided to order a Black Forest Bumper Cake as well – a hasty decision which turned out to be one of the best cake-eating experience of my life. The cake was a treat to watch as well and the cherries on top were so tempting! The cream layers were not too fat or not too skimmed – and melted right away when it touched base with my mouth.

Final Words…

Though the food and desserts offered are best in class, it is not a place which would burn a hole in your pocket. Whether you are a group of office friends or college students wanting to hang out, or you are a loner wanting to finish-off your favorite book while enjoying your favorite cupcake – this place is perfect for you. No doubt, Cafe ‘Cream N Crust’ is touted as one of the Best Cafes in Surat in present times and is definitely on my ‘Visit Again’ list.

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Train travel in India is an essential Indian bucket list experience in itself. The best way to travel India is by the vast and great value, Indian Railways network.

Train travel in India is very popular because the roads in India are often poor; traffic can be chaotic and buses rickety so the best way to get around the huge and diverse country of India is by train.

But in the world’s most densely populated country seats on Indian trains sell out fast, especially for popular routes in the peak tourist season you can find trains booked up weeks or even months ahead which could delay your travel plans! Which means arranging your train tickets should be on your ‘to do’ list as you prepare for your trip.

So, today I am going to share the most amazing hassle free way to Book train tickets online. Translate your need to travel into an easier & hassle free one. With that in mind, Train Bookings on PAYTM that helps you plan your booking, find most favorable train timings and book your ticket in a few simple taps. Sounds too good to be true!!

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For those who don’t know what PAYTM is?

Paytm wallet is a RBI governed wallet. Paytm Wallet is issued by Paytm Payment Bank; hence all legal terms and conditions mention PPBL. Paytm Payments Bank is India’s only mobile-first bank with zero balance — zero digital transaction charge. Paytm offers Paytm wallet and Savings bank account from Paytm Payment bank.

Today, months away from the launch, PAYTM has already become India’s leading platform for train tickets booking (after IRCTC), booking more than a million train tickets every month.

We all want that Instant service in this busy lifestyle and of course, it’s easier when it comes to PAYTM services.

PAYTM offers wide array of services for booking train tickets, following are the perks of booking train tickets via PAYTM:






















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24×7 Support – PAYTM ensure that your queries are answered at any given time. For any assistance regarding train ticket booking or cancellation, you can reach out to their customer care executives on 24/7 helpline number 9555395553 for any queries or assistance regarding your refund or cancellation.

So, download the PAYTM app and give yourself a hassle free experience to travel and book train tickets

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