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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

Starting this year with full of good vibes and love all around. Aren’t you glad it’s January? If you are jewellery enthusiasts like I am, a new year is an ideal time to add some new pieces to your jewellery collection and continue to build a jewellery wardrobe that works for you.

Also, wedding season is round the corner, Help! That is what can come to a lot of people’s minds when shopping for an engagement ring. Naturally, shopping for a ring requires a lot of decision making and is an intricate process with lots of small details to go over.

As you all know, last month I visited a Jewellery Showroom called “BHARATJI” (1-3, Pariseema Annexe, Lal Bungalow Cross Roads, Samartheshwar Mahadev Rd, Ellisbridge- Ahmedabad)

It happened again; I wanted to explore their new launch – BeOne’ Engagement Rings!!

Their new collection ‘BeOne’ reflects the charm of the relationship between two people. The bond and the love they share together. The journey of their new beginning as well as entailing all the twist and turns into their life.

Every ring from this collection boasts of the excellent craftsmanship as each piece is made with immense love and meticulous detailing.

With its ‘Veni’ Kala – their proprietary pattern, rings mirror the pragmatic approach of taking a circuitous route of discovering the nuances of your partner’s persona, finding a friend in him and unravelling his unique love language before ‘Becoming One’, before taking a plunge in the divinity of married life.

The ‘Veni’ Kala is fashioned gracefully in rose gold, white gold, and stunning yellow gold to make the signature collection of these solitaire rings even more striking.

Exclusivity of Bharatji’s Engagement Rings:

  1. Perfect Prong Setting Often it happens that the rings which we wear on daily basis require a lot of care. BeOne engagement rings come with an exclusive prong setting at the edges to hold the diamond perfectly. One doesn’t need to worry about the edges, and can wear them on daily basis.
  2.  Veni Kala (Twist & Turns)Kala is the signature element in their collection. The twist & turn pattern crafted in diverse ways form the exclusive identity of their BeOne engagement rings. It’s all in the detailing and their exclusive craftsmanship.
  3. Solitaire The solitaire is selectively chosen for you and elevated to the perfect height where it shines to its maximum capacity.  Picking up a pure diamond ring for your better half isn’t a simple task. The single diamond held by the four-prong setting truly showcases the symbol of love. The cute diamond stone sits on the three plain bands of which one is in the shade of rose gold. The classic cut on the gemstone makes it look elegant and can be cherished by the bride for her lifetime. The solitaire ring has always been the choice of design for the engagement rings as it look classic.
  4. It pairs well with ethnic wear or a bridal gown.Choosing the original diamond ring having the right design, colour, shape, and stone needs a lot of guidance. At Bharatji, they have all the expertise for each section and need.
  5. Unique Design The most important factor when it comes to picking up the designs. For some, there would have always been a dream design on the mind, so it might be an easy task to make a decision. For others, the idea of choosing a diamond ring with the proper stone and design might be a challenging task. Hence, here, at Bharatji, buying an engagement ring is made easy with the exclusive collection of BeOne solitaire rings.

Explore their dainty collection – Click here

Coming to the moment I entered the store, the warm welcome made me feel like a home. Their process to deal with the customer is so genuine and real.

I was also stunned by the beautiful décor of the store. It’s so elegant and soothing. Sharing below some of their recent launch collection which is in White Gold, Rose Gold and Gold.

So, what are you all waiting for? Explore the most unique collection of Engagement rings right there! Bharatji has the answer for all!

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