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It’s been long we haven’t talked about something about health! So, today’s post is all about DETOX.  The detox juice diet has become very popular in recent years as an easier way to consume lots of nutrients without having to eat lots of whole fruits and vegetables.

Experts recommend you eat at least 6 to 8 servings of vegetables per day, which many people (myself included) have difficulty achieving. That’s where juicing recipes for weight loss can help fill the void. With a 3 day detox juice cleanse, you drink only juice and water for a period of time, usually for 3 days, to give your liver and digestive system time to detox.

During the cleanse, aim to drink every 2 – 2 ½ hours and try to be consistent. Skipping a juice may disrupt your blood sugar levels and cause you to go off the juice detox.

While I was searching something to make my tummy feel light, I got my hands on the ayurvedic products from www.thekivalife.in

KIVA make tasty ayurvedic shots and other innovative, delightful products to bring the goodness of ayurveda to millennials. Ayurveda doesn’t need to be boring! No jargons, no imported herbs or fruits, no shortcuts. All products are conceived, conceptualized and produced completely in India at state-of-the art manufacturing units in Hoshiarpur and Jaipur. All processes from sourcing of ingredients to product packaging are closely monitored by experts.

For a lot of people, it can be difficult to get your recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Detox juice provides that extra nutrition you’re lacking in your diet.

Here are the top benefits of a juice detox:

  • Helps you lose weight quickly.
  • Improves nutrient absorption.
  • Feeds good bacteria in your gut.
  • Helps lower cholesterol.
  • Helps detox your liver.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels.
  • Improves your skin.
  • Broadens the range of vegetables you eat.
  • Improves athletic performance.

I got my hands on various candies and juice shots from kivalife. The below are the products:


Kiva’s Wheatgrass is a natural, Ayurvedic juice shot that helps in detox and immunity building. It surely taste yum and my tummy felt so light weighted.

The best source of chlorophyll, aggregator of all vitamin groups, numerous minerals and essential metals like iron and zinc. Fresh Wheatgrass juice, Aloe Vera juice, Coriander juice, Lemon juice, Lemon peel extract, Honey – all sourced fresh from the foothills of Himalayas.

How to consume:
Ready to drink. No mixing required. Shake well and Gulp! 1 shot every morning (preferably before breakfast).Consume regularly for minimum 2 weeks.


I tried Kiva wheat grass juice about a month ago and instantly liked it as it seemed all natural. Since then I have been using it every morning. I can feel its positive effects on my body immunity and general health. It also is better than similar other Ayurvedic brand products. Highly recommended for all age groups.


Another amazing product I bought is this Lemony Honey Cinnamon Shots. It taste super yum and yes we all know the benefit of Lemon and Honey.

This combination of Lemon + Honey + Cinnamon has been the most popular ayurvedic technique in India for weight loss. The pectin in Lemon makes you feel full longer, while the cinnamon helps in digestion and breakdown of carbohydrates

Fresh Lemon juice, Honey, Cinnamon extract, Ginger juice, Apple Cider Vinegar
This is the first ever Ayurvedic product I have tried and fell in love! It’s been a month since I have been consuming this and it has actually worked well. I definitely follow a balanced diet but this works so well in curbing my hunger pangs throughout the day.
The great part is their travel-friendly size, I am usually traveling for work and carrying these shots is so much easier in comparison to the big bottles. I feel they are completely worth the price.


Jaggery is known to be 50 times more mineral rich than refined sugar. It helps greatly to improve digestion, nourish the skin, purify blood and is great for treating respiratory issues.

Kiva Jaggery-Cinnamon Candy is a balanced fusion between the traditional ‘gud’ and cinnamon combining the comfort of jaggery with the richness of cinnamon.

Cinnamon has a significant positive impact on blood sugar levels besides reducing risk for heart diseases and cancer.

How to consume:
Anytime, anywhere, anyday. Though it benefits the most if consumed after meals.
Also a great substitute to refined sugar in your daily cup of tea.As soon as I opened it I was so happy to have it as a candy form. Loved it thoroughly. It has a proper taste of organic Jaggery with good amount of organic ingredients.
I added it to my Chai and it has given a new taste at all. It is purely amazing and we can use it in any way we like since it is organic.

So, are you a health conscious person like me? Then go grab these packets of candies and shots and enjoy the taste.

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