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Train travel in India is an essential Indian bucket list experience in itself. The best way to travel India is by the vast and great value, Indian Railways network.

Train travel in India is very popular because the roads in India are often poor; traffic can be chaotic and buses rickety so the best way to get around the huge and diverse country of India is by train.

But in the world’s most densely populated country seats on Indian trains sell out fast, especially for popular routes in the peak tourist season you can find trains booked up weeks or even months ahead which could delay your travel plans! Which means arranging your train tickets should be on your ‘to do’ list as you prepare for your trip.

So, today I am going to share the most amazing hassle free way to Book train tickets online. Translate your need to travel into an easier & hassle free one. With that in mind, Train Bookings on PAYTM that helps you plan your booking, find most favorable train timings and book your ticket in a few simple taps. Sounds too good to be true!!

How about you try this out on the App, in the travel channel and check for yourself. (URL)

For those who don’t know what PAYTM is?

Paytm wallet is a RBI governed wallet. Paytm Wallet is issued by Paytm Payment Bank; hence all legal terms and conditions mention PPBL. Paytm Payments Bank is India’s only mobile-first bank with zero balance — zero digital transaction charge. Paytm offers Paytm wallet and Savings bank account from Paytm Payment bank.

Today, months away from the launch, PAYTM has already become India’s leading platform for train tickets booking (after IRCTC), booking more than a million train tickets every month.

We all want that Instant service in this busy lifestyle and of course, it’s easier when it comes to PAYTM services.

PAYTM offers wide array of services for booking train tickets, following are the perks of booking train tickets via PAYTM:






















Book train tickets within a few seconds – Time is precious hence you can book train tickets in just few seconds. It ensures smooth payment experience for the users by making payment from the wallet secure and smooth. To book your tickets without any hassles, ensure that you have enough balance in your Paytm Wallet, as it helps you in smooth checkouts

























24×7 Support – PAYTM ensure that your queries are answered at any given time. For any assistance regarding train ticket booking or cancellation, you can reach out to their customer care executives on 24/7 helpline number 9555395553 for any queries or assistance regarding your refund or cancellation.

So, download the PAYTM app and give yourself a hassle free experience to travel and book train tickets

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