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Cakes and Pastries (read – the evergreen heavenly Desserts!!!) have always been close to my heart even since I was a little girl 😛 

My cravings during my student life were often satisfied by the little outlet of Cream N Crust at Parle Point, and years after when I heard they now have a Cafe too, I couldn’t stop myself to check it out.

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It is one of the oldest pastry shops in Surat and was established in 1991. Cafe serves a variety of delectable divine delicacies, like cakes, pastries, natural ice creams, cupcakes and other fancy savouries and desserts


For me, nothing appeals more in a cafe or restaurant than its ambience. A nice ambience is a must for setting up your mood, to get you all excited and get you rolling with even more hunger !!! And this place scores bang on with a perfect 10 for Ambience.

The cafe interiors are a perfect combination of Classy and Glossy – with its vibrant colours spreading an Aura of ‘Happiness’ to sooth your eyes and soul. Design and cafe staff’s outfit imitates a traditional French bakery, and feels realistic.


The Food

Oh don’t get me started on this. I started drooling the moment I saw the Menu and the items on display!!!


The Cafe Menu mainly focuses on Desserts, but also offers yummy Snacks and Platters to fill your tummy to fullest. The Menu will surely induce a sense of battle of choices across your mind – where we have Cakes, Pastries, Desserts, Mini Desserts, Ice Creams and Beverages on offer; on the other hand, we have a list of delicious Savouries and Hot Snacks listed, to which even the strongest of minds can’t say No to !!!

So I decided to have a little bit from each of the sections, and started with the Farmhouse Fresh Pizza, to which I must admit, was one of the best Pizzas I had in a while. The bread was fresh and very soft, which was the best thing about it. To top it off, the toppings were ‘generous’ too, which made it look more tempting to eat with freshly melted mozzarella cheese oozing out – amazing feeling, isn’t it?

The taste was good, and was at par with my expectations. The pizza base and all the veggies in it were perfectly baked and the combination of authentic Italian flavours could be felt strongly, the moment you eat your first slice. Kudos to the cafe chef.

The next item I tried from the menu was Cheesy Volcano Burger, and boy did it live up to its name !!!  The patty was perfectly seasoned, and there was a volcanic river of cheese splashing out from all across. I’ll keep it on ‘top of my list’, the next time I visit this amazing cafe again.

Tried few sides as well, like the Napolean Slice and the Calzone, which are totally worth your attention. Great set of munchies when you are out there with your friends waiting for your main food items to arrive.

Ordered the ‘Fries and Dips’ from the Savouries, and was astonished to see 6 delicious dips being offered at just 100 rupees. A Definite ‘Value for Money’ food item.

Finally I decided to check out my favorite section – the Desserts!!! I ordered their signature Rainbow Pie along with a Red Velvet Pie, and I can assure you the taste, the creaminess and the smoothness of the desserts will definitely put you soaring on cloud 9. The two pies really awoke the little girl inside me, as I went down the memory lanes of my childhood remembering the times when I used to eat their Pastries after school.

My cravings were not satisfied yet, and decided to order a Black Forest Bumper Cake as well – a hasty decision which turned out to be one of the best cake-eating experience of my life. The cake was a treat to watch as well and the cherries on top were so tempting! The cream layers were not too fat or not too skimmed – and melted right away when it touched base with my mouth.

Final Words…

Though the food and desserts offered are best in class, it is not a place which would burn a hole in your pocket. Whether you are a group of office friends or college students wanting to hang out, or you are a loner wanting to finish-off your favorite book while enjoying your favorite cupcake – this place is perfect for you. No doubt, Cafe ‘Cream N Crust’ is touted as one of the Best Cafes in Surat in present times and is definitely on my ‘Visit Again’ list.

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