Hey people!
How are your winter chilly days treating you? I know wedding, parties and much more happening this season right??? Well I am here again with a pop up of an ethnic trend, as you all know how much I love wearing ethnics.
Aren’t these cutouts beautiful?? We all know it’s an ongoing trend and has been added to every outfit these days.
The cold-shoulder trend is incredibly flattering for all women because everyone’s shoulders look great.

It’s so true—what a beautiful part of the body to show off.
Cold Shoulder with a striking ethnic pattern, this dress is a far cry from the floral frocks typical of this season.

Designed with wide short sleeves and cutout shoulders, this dress is daring yet very feminine.
The ethnic print adds movement to its shift silhouette. Wear this dress with leather sandals or espadrille wedges to complete the look.

I got my hands on this cutout dress from SEVENTEEN.THIRTYONE an Instagram page who is a well known designer and make customized outfits as per our taste. The color is as usual my favorite.
How far will you pair up this amazing dress?

I have got some beautiful idea::
You can add a charm wearing it with a tiara, Add a pair of white shirt and flats to pull off a casual look. I love wearing ethnics as far as they are to my standards and not those usual heavy gowns.

Also during this shot I met some beautiful village people there, who were also astonished and amazed to get clicked. They were busy in the household chores and the children were usually playing!

Well ,It was an amazing shot and also don’t forget to have this essential dress in your wardrobe this season !
Sharing the simple look with you all here.
Dress: seventeen.thirtyone (Instagram)
Accessories’: (Street shop)
Footwear: Snapdeal.com




mp_l5651_jpeg mp_l5692_jpeg






Created a total raww and simple look here.

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Love, Siddhi.

Stay tuned lovelies !!!




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