Happy Easter to everyone and hope all of you are enjoying the season. I know this New Year many of you might be travelling for a friend’s wedding, family trip and much more. Travelling often affects our skin. The issue of carrying makeup and cleansers must be a real task.

Cleansing waters have been one of my must have beauty products. Cleansing waters remove makeup dirt and grime without the need to rinse. Cleansing waters come in handy.

Talking about cleansing water I have tried many as it comes really hand and easy to use. Recently I got my hands on Garnier Micellar Cleansing water.


Micellar Cleansing Water removes make-up, cleanses and soothes with no need for rubbing or rinsing. No perfume. Hypoallergenic. Suitable for use on sensitive skin, including delicate areas. Micellar water is an easy way to remove make-up, soothe and hydrate the face, eye area and lips in 1 step, without rinsing.

Garnier introduces micellar technology in an all-in-one cleanser. Like a magnet, the cleansing agents capture and lift away dirt from the skin. No need to rub to remove impurities and make-up.

Quantity: 400ml

Directions for use: Apply Garnier cleaning Micellar water to a cotton pad and wipe the face, eyes and lips. No rinsing required. Just pour it apply it and it’s done.

Packaging: The packaging is a clear and sturdy see through plastic bottle. The bottle has a flip open cap which dispenses just the right amount of product.

My Experience with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water:

Garnier Cleansing WaterThis product comes in a big 400ml bottle which is clear and the lid is pink in colour. Pretty and girly. The product itself is clear and the flip top cap gives out just enough products. This product apparently will give you 200 uses (it claims).I used this to remove makeup after work –instead of using makeup removing wipes. This water removed foundation, lip products as well as all eye makeup products but I use about 2 cotton pads with the cleansing water for my whole face and neck.

My face doesn’t feel dry or irritated after using this product. One of the best solutions to clean, makeup-free, skin is a clever multi-tasking product that works to remove makeup and cleanse in a single swipe.

About micellar water, it is a formulation made up of tiny micelles that work as magnets to lift dirt and impurities to leave skin clean and nourished. This product claim to thoroughly cleanse the face, eyes and lips without rubbing, require no rinsing after use, work to soothe the skin’s delicate surface, and deliver a refreshed complexion.I do not feel the need to rinse my face once I do not remove my makeup with the micellar water nor does my skin feel dry upon use.

You can straight away apply night cream or eye cream and hit the bed. If you like, there is no harm in washing your face with facewash. Do apply a moisturizer though.

Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water:Oil Cleansing Water

When it comes to removing makeup, the bi-phase Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water comes into its own. It’s highly effective at removing makeup and even makes light work of removing heavy eye makeup & long-wearing lipsticks. It’s quick and effortless to use and as it doesn’t drag or pull the skin, feels very gentle. It has a subtle floral fragrance.

Garnier ReviewOwing to the oily formula & the fact that no rinsing is required, I expected to feel some residue on my skin following use but I couldn’t. That said, my skin didn’t feel tight or stripped but instead felt wonderfully soft and I was able to forgo moisturiser. I wouldn’t use Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water on a daily basis but I’d certainly be keen to keep a bottle to hand for removing stubborn makeup.

Don’t forget to try both the products based on your skin preferences.

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