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How have you been? Preparing yourself for the season of Navratri right? I know the hustle of looking good, prepping your hair and skin right and a lot more things going on in your mind.

No more worries-  I have got a perfect solution for this season pre and post both. Salons are our perfect partner right? Recently visited to a newly opened Salon in the town. I am sure a lot of you might have heard about it.

Enrich Salon – In a decade and a half, they have emerged as Mumbai’s largest unisex salon chain with branches in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bangalore, Pune and now in Surat.


I couldn’t stop my excitement when I heard its finally opening in my city at Shop no L-5/6, Anjan Shalaka Apartments, Opp Jain Mandir, La Bungalow, Athwalines, Surat. They are known for our focus on training, customer focus, service consistency and quality standards.

Surat recently became the sixth city in the country and the third in Gujarat (after Ahmedabad and Vadodara) to have an Enrich Salon. And in a couple of weeks, it will have a second salon as well!

Discerning customers of Surat will now have the whole range of hair, skin and body services from the chain that’s been awarded the Best Salon Chain Award in the West, for years in a row!  

Monsoon has trolled over the condition of my hair. So, after the consultation with the hair expert at enrich salon, I opted for ‘KERASTASE EXPERIENCE RITUAL’.


Kérastase reveals its Hair Beauty Rituals for in-depth & sublime hair transformation. This tailor-made programmed starts with a hair beauty consultation with a Kérastase Stylist. Following your consultation, a personalized 3 step ritual will be recommended to meet your hair care needs & desires. Each gesture is designed to offer a unique beauty experience in 3 steps: Bathe, Treat, Texturise.

I was advised for this service by the Salon expert Mr. Jay Surti as my hair have become totally dry and damaged.

  1. Bathe

The Diagnosis starts with a questionnaire followed by an analysis of your hair and scalp with a magnifier. My perennial problem is of dry hair and an occasional dandruff resulting from this dryness. I was advised the “Smoothing Ritual”, a nourishing ritual, meant for dry, frizzy hair.

The “Bathing” is the shampooing, which thankfully did not turn out to be a nightmare as it often does for me, with water trickling down my back. Comfortable seats, water at optimum temperature and all is neatly done – hair wrapped and you are ready to start

  1. Treat

Then comes the primary component of the Ritual – “Treatment” of the hair. A small fancy looking glass bottle, consisting of a concentrated dose of what your hair needs is taken, cap is replaced with a spritzer cap and the dose applied to your hair from root to tips. In my case it was the orange colored cap again meant for dry, frizzy hair. Once the dose is applied, it is followed by a deep conditioning masque. Once that is applied comes the luxurious, relaxing massage lasting about 10-15 minutes…

  1. Texturise

Finally the “Texturise” part. The masque is rinsed off and thankfully no water dripping down the back again. Then comes the blow-dry. While after other hair spas you are advised not to get a blow-dry, with a Kerastase Hair Ritual a blow-dry is an integral part of the process as the Kerastase products are activated by heat.

The results, needless to say, depend to a great extent on the original condition of your hair. If you have totally fried, damaged and ruined hair, don’t expect a miracle in one sitting. When they assess your hair at the beginning, they will advise you a certain number of sittings to achieve the result you desire. Thereafter, probably a hair ritual once a month is what you will be advised along with a home care regimen.


The overall experience was amazing. Stunned by their space services and products.

So, after the above service, you can clearly see the picture of my happy and volumnised hair. The Staff was super friendly, well trained and quick in their services. All the staff was trained and humble.

The salon also offers other services with a membership card as well. The Kerastase has 20 % off on all its services only at enrich salon.

Can’t wait to be their prime member and avail all amazing services. Do drop a visit soon loves and pamper yourself.

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