As you all know I am crushing over natural and organic products these days. I got my hands on this Fuschia by Vkare from I am totally in love with them .They are super amazing and worth a try. Well as summer is here and we all need to keep our body fresh, aromatic and healthy. I have got a perfect solution!!

Visit  and get yourself pampered with some handmade, parabeen free and organic products for your skin ! I have got my hands on some of them and I am totally loving them since the day I received it 🙂

Another huge bonus for me, since I am a fan of organic products, that it’s loaded with all the good oils and ingredients. I mean no petroleum base, no parabeen, no harmful ingredients, what else would you want?!

Here is the review of all the products which I have got my hands on:-

  1. Fuschia Bath Salt- June Jasmine




This Bath salt is a perfect way to keep your body relaxed and refreshing. It is made up with organic an element which doesn’t leave your skin irritated and dry, post its use. This helps in proper blood circulation and makes your bath a aromatic experience. The necessary ingredients in it help to remove dead skin cells and relax your muscles making your skin look healthy and glowing.

The best way to refresh you after a long tiring day is to soak yourself in them. So simply allow the salts to swirl around gently as you take a deep breath, lie back and unwind in your own personal bath.

  1. It helps relax sore muscles, eliminate body aches and pains in joints and muscles. Relieves Stress.
  2. 2. Rejuvenates Skin by removing Dead Skin Cells.
  3. A detoxifying delicately scented bath salt.
  4. Free of parabeen, phthalates.

How to use: Scrub gently, for exfoliation. For foot use approximate 20-30gms of salt in warm water and for bath use 50gms-80gms bath salt in warm water.

Ingredients: Sea Salt with Dead Sea Minerals, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Jasmine Essential Oil, Olive Oil.

  1. Fuschia Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub- Pomegranate Pearls



This exfoliating scrub is infused with the goodness of pomegranate which is a rich antioxidant. It helps you to get rid of dead skin cells, which piles up on our skin in this polluted environment. This scrub gradually helps to lessen the dark spots and helps in proper blood circulation. It also helps you to fight against fine lines and dullness.

Body scrubs are also great for removing self-tanner from your body.

  1. Fuschia Face & Body Scrub  gently exfoliates  dead skin cells.
  2. Detoxifies & moisturizes skin.
  3. Delays fine signs of ageing making the skin feel younger.
  4. Free of parabeen, phthalates, petroleum base, artificial tints & synthetic perfumes.

How to Use: If your skin is healthy and firm, you can use a shower scrub up to three times a week. But if you have sensitive or thin skin, limit a good buffing to once a week.

Ingredients: Pomegranate extract, Olive oil, Bath Oil, other rich oils.

  1. Fuschia Handmade Soaps



Natural hand crafted soap is a luxurious tool in keeping your skin healthy.  With its creamy lather, wonderful fragrances, and now affordable prices, pampering yourself has never felt so good. Its popularity is growing rapidly as a chemical free alternative to conventional soaps. This handmade soap is made up of 100% natural ingredients infused with the goodness of glycerine, Rose oil and Tea Tree oil to keep your skin’s moisture level in balance.

1. Offers Healing & Curative Properties – common skin disorders.

2. Contains Anti-Oxidants.

3. Contains the Natural Humectant (Moisturiser) Known as “Glycerine”
Ingredients: Assorted Fragrance, Purely natural, glycerine, Rose oil and Tea Tree oil, 100% Vegetarian (not for edible use), 1 soap bar is Approx 15 gms.

4.  Fuschia Lip Balm –Plush Peach



Delightfully portable & refreshing hydration for lips. These little jars are like your best friends – you can take them anywhere, and they’ll never let you down! And of course, they keep your healthy lips smiling.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the handmade lip balms. Everything is perfect, the packaging, the smell, the texture and the way it applies and stays on the lips. I use matt lipsticks often; hence my lips have to be perfectly moisturised, without any dry patches.

  1. Subtle & Soothing Fragrance of Natural Oils.
  2. Moisturises The Lips, Without Any Colour Retention.


How to useApply to lips any time to moisturise & protect. Can be used anywhere on the body anytime

Ingredients: Shea Butter & Kokum Butter Blended With Vitamin E Provide Extra Moisture & Antioxidants.

So loves what are you waiting for ?? Get yourself something organic and healthy this season Visit and orders yours now!!

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