Happy Easter to everyone and hope all of you are enjoying the season. I know this New Year many of you might be travelling for a friend’s wedding, family trip and much more. Travelling often affects our skin. The issue of carrying makeup and cleansers must be a real task.

Cleansing waters have been one of my must have beauty products. Cleansing waters remove makeup dirt and grime without the need to rinse. Cleansing waters come in handy.

Talking about cleansing water I have tried many as it comes really hand and easy to use. Recently I got my hands on Garnier Micellar Cleansing water.


Micellar Cleansing Water removes make-up, cleanses and soothes with no need for rubbing or rinsing. No perfume. Hypoallergenic. Suitable for use on sensitive skin, including delicate areas. Micellar water is an easy way to remove make-up, soothe and hydrate the face, eye area and lips in 1 step, without rinsing.

Garnier introduces micellar technology in an all-in-one cleanser. Like a magnet, the cleansing agents capture and lift away dirt from the skin. No need to rub to remove impurities and make-up.

Quantity: 400ml

Directions for use: Apply Garnier cleaning Micellar water to a cotton pad and wipe the face, eyes and lips. No rinsing required. Just pour it apply it and it’s done.

Packaging: The packaging is a clear and sturdy see through plastic bottle. The bottle has a flip open cap which dispenses just the right amount of product.

My Experience with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water:

Garnier Cleansing WaterThis product comes in a big 400ml bottle which is clear and the lid is pink in colour. Pretty and girly. The product itself is clear and the flip top cap gives out just enough products. This product apparently will give you 200 uses (it claims).I used this to remove makeup after work –instead of using makeup removing wipes. This water removed foundation, lip products as well as all eye makeup products but I use about 2 cotton pads with the cleansing water for my whole face and neck.

My face doesn’t feel dry or irritated after using this product. One of the best solutions to clean, makeup-free, skin is a clever multi-tasking product that works to remove makeup and cleanse in a single swipe.

About micellar water, it is a formulation made up of tiny micelles that work as magnets to lift dirt and impurities to leave skin clean and nourished. This product claim to thoroughly cleanse the face, eyes and lips without rubbing, require no rinsing after use, work to soothe the skin’s delicate surface, and deliver a refreshed complexion.I do not feel the need to rinse my face once I do not remove my makeup with the micellar water nor does my skin feel dry upon use.

You can straight away apply night cream or eye cream and hit the bed. If you like, there is no harm in washing your face with facewash. Do apply a moisturizer though.

Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water:Oil Cleansing Water

When it comes to removing makeup, the bi-phase Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water comes into its own. It’s highly effective at removing makeup and even makes light work of removing heavy eye makeup & long-wearing lipsticks. It’s quick and effortless to use and as it doesn’t drag or pull the skin, feels very gentle. It has a subtle floral fragrance.

Garnier ReviewOwing to the oily formula & the fact that no rinsing is required, I expected to feel some residue on my skin following use but I couldn’t. That said, my skin didn’t feel tight or stripped but instead felt wonderfully soft and I was able to forgo moisturiser. I wouldn’t use Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water on a daily basis but I’d certainly be keen to keep a bottle to hand for removing stubborn makeup.

Don’t forget to try both the products based on your skin preferences.

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After a few seasons in hibernation, the maxi dress is back – with a vengeance. The moment is all about maxi dresses. It’s one of those things that you must have in your closet. It’s your best friend right now and an absolute show-stopper.Once reserved for hippies and free spirits, the maxi dress is having a major fashion moment this season. This breezy and elegant garment is one of the most versatile wardrobe essentials.

Be it a casual outing with friends, a movie date, beach party or even work, a maxi can be worn in so many ways and suits every occasion and place.

Breezy and elegant, a flowing maxi dress makes an impact on and off the red carpet. This is why even celebrities are ditching their typical leg-baring cocktail dresses for unexpected, longer hemlines.

To get it right, opt for a dress that either just grazes the floor or falls at the ankle. Skirts that fall mid-calf can be unflattering.

A maxi can be accessorized in so many ways. You can wear a belt, a chunky neck-piece, scarves, etc. In case your maxi has a lot going, then just carry a bag, over-accessorizing is unforgivable. You don’t want to lose the coolness of the garment.

Recently browsing online for the maxi trends and dresses to buy for any occasion I was stumbled upon a brand “ELLEMORA”

ELLEMORA is a premium apparel brand, designed exclusively for women!

Their USP lies in having complete control on sourcing, production, design and delivery for their products which naturally are high on fashion and quality.

Their dedicated team of in house fashion and product designers have been handpicked from top fashion institutes of the country.In a short span of just 9 months, the brand has created its own niche by conceptualizing, designing and setting their own fashion trends.

They offer a wide range of their products under various convenient categories like type (India/Western), size, silhouette, occasion, material, color and prints!

The moment I laid eyes on this maxi dress from ELLEMORA, I couldn’t resist. Deep Teal, a strong, blue-toned green, suggests ocean depths and the colour of the sky as daylight descends into darkness.

Shop  from www.ellemora.com using a code: siddhi30 (Valid till 30th September) enjoy the coupon code worth buying.

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You all might have heard about a “PONCHO” right? Who says it’s only for winter?!?

A poncho in a cotton knit, merino wool, or cashmere will have nice drape while still adding warmth when layered over other tops. It’s really appealing to see how a rectangular piece of fabric, with a hole in the center for you to put your head through making a statement wears among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts.

During the past few years, this trend has spread like a transmittable disease. Women around the sphere have craved for new and trendy forms of a wrap or shawl, a good-looking, light alternative of the heavy winter wears.

This craving was justified by the comeback of ponchos which proved to be modishly warm. It made a woman look elegant and chic in appearance keeping her comfortable inside. The most popular of this type of poncho is one in a sweater knit, like my cashmere poncho. These can be of most any fabric and most any weight. This look is a great casual or weekend way to wear a poncho.

Fall and other season essentials consist of many things-heavy knits, layering pieces and cozy textiles. Thankfully, one key garment combines all these things in one: PONCHO

They are the most understated form of outerwear ever! Whether you’re going to class, to a dinner party or even the gym, they are the best way to cover up while sporting one of the chicest styles. It has to be in wardrobe so I got my hands on this poncho top from www.goswankyy.com

Goswankyy strives to provide a swanky and amazing collection to their customers. They have really exciting offers collection of different varieties of clothing and accessories like dresses, shrugs, tops, ponchos, bottoms and much more. I really loved their collection and I got my hands on this knitted poncho with red and cream combination and some pompom attached to it.


Bcoz, be it any season ponchos are always in. The winter look tend to be a binnie, the poncho, thigh high socks and boots and the spring look is all about some cute smile and wearing the same with shorts and  a hat !

A gold pendant and cuff add shine while also weighing down the poncho to better show your shape; a bag with texture or a contrast color will add the necessary pop to the clean look.

If not mixed and matched properly, it may look bulky, so extra care must be taken to keep the bottom-wear minimal. They can be well combined with shorts, cropped pants or fitted jeans.



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Hello my sugarplums and cutiepie ! How are you all? I know this month was all about love love and love right? So, done with your valentine day’s celebrations? I am sure you all have enjoyed with your loved ones J and done with your exams too. Its real time for the vaccy mood and travel right?

Well, girlies I know you all love pretty lingerie and nightwear in your wardrobe ! I myself love the lace collection and the comfortable satin nightwear when it comes to lingerie’s !

What are your choices and taste?!

It’s the first to go on and the very last to come off. And in between, it slips into many roles. From naughtily winking at strangers, to being your most loyal and ardent supporter. Accompanying you on your most memorable adventures, and taking their most intimate secrets safely back to the closet.

Yes honey, it is your lingerie I am talking about !!

Have you heard of CLOVIA?!

CLOVIA is inspired and motivated to bring to you beautiful lingerie that looks sexy, and always feels comfortable. Highlighting curves you never knew you had, in fabrics and cuts you never knew could so comfortably flatter you, we are committed to providing the high-fashion and premium lingerie that you deserve.

Not the regular, boring whites, at the best of times ill-fitting, and riding up the wrong places – the kind that make you itch or twitch in public. We’re talking smooth and silky, plush and pretty – the kind that fits your body like a glove and feels like your second skin.

The kind that you hand pick after hours of co-ordinating with your mood. The kind that feels comfortably sexy, whether you’re admiring yourself, or are the object of someone else’s admiration.

If that’s the kind of relationship you share with your lingerie, you’ve got a little bit of Clovia in you!

They design different bras, in different cuts and soft fabrics, to let you choose the balance and support you are looking for, basis the outfit you choose to wear them under.

There’s a little bit of Clovia in all of us, and our intimates are not to be worn they are to be experienced.

So I got some pretty collection of nightwear and sleep shirts from www.clovia.com

As you all know How much I love being a streetstylechic !

Streetstyle is all about being yourself I your own strrets or in and around the street of the city. So, I got my hands on 2 sleepshirts and one pair of nightwear which has an aamazing prints on itJ



Satin is such a soothing and soft material ! Black front open sleep shirt design in full sleeves.Designed with the comfort and grace of soft stretchable Polyamide fabric.Comes with contrast piping on the placket and sleeves.

Its stylish contrast buttons also take its style a level up.Perfect to be worn as a nightwear as well as bridal wear. Clovia Says Turn the sexy on!

We all know we can wear this probably at the night but, why not in a day? I used it as a shrug and paired it up with a crop top and a Palazzo which I really feel my comfort zone is !

How you gonna style this satin sleep shirt??


This is the Short bridal nightwear babydoll in thin adjustable fabric straps.Comes with a stunning baggy sleeve printed robe.Robe comes with contrasting fabric waist tie. Clovia Says Naughty is in !

I went up again with a street chic look pairing up the same with jeggings and a pair of heels!

This is a perfect pair of sleep shirt which I am definitely going to be wear as a robe and a shrug on daily basis.


Isn’t this cute print?  Or I can say the kiss print is just so cute and soothing to my eye !!

Yes, I have my hands on this printed short nightwear and I was so happy to have it finally. This can be either wear as a coordinate or can be wear as nightwear. Well it depends on your personal style!

There is trend of co-ordinate, especially in summers. I must say this will look cute and sporty if you carry on. How you want to style the same you can definitely share in the comments below.

I styled up them as my comfy nightwear and the material and the look is so perfect! It gives me perfect sleepy vibes.

How about you love? Visit the Clovia Fashions and get your hands on perfect nightwear collection

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Hii Loves.. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2016.

This is my very first blog post. I was planning to do the same since long. Finally this journey has started and I want you all to be the part of it.  Starting my very first blog post with a bright color – Yellow. It shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness. Sometimes the yellow can make us a beautiful fellow.

Wearing a casual chic and basic for an ootd look.  Sharing some of the pictures of my first ever shoot.