Hey loves,
How are you all? Hope you all set for the festive season around. So, recently I attended an event hosted by VLCC.

VLCC is widely recognized for its weight loss solutions and therapeutic approach to beauty treatments. Since I have any queries about my skincare regime and hair fall issues; I was too much excited to attend the event.

It was such an amazing afternoon well spent with like-minded people. Beautiful ladies from all across the city actively participated in the event and it turned out to be a great success. VLCC team was very cooperative and they answered our queries with patience and understanding.

All the doubts regarding the skincare, hair fall etc are cleared and they had an amazing aura to make us all feel beautiful.
The event began with a round of introduction where we introduced ourselves to the team and it was so good to see how people from different fields joined in the platform.

There were experts who could guide us on how to take care of our skin and hair. Many of us discussed the problems we were facing and the experts guided us really well about how to take care of the skin.
The Do’s and don’ts were worth knowing. We got to know where we were going wrong in our skincare regime.

We were also introduced to SPMU revolutionary makeup technology, Also known as micro pigmentation, is the color that is tattooed into the skin, creating make up that does not wash off, looks good, stays put and lasts for about a year.

It is a revolutionary method of inserting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin in order to enhance facial features.

Because the color is placed ‘in’ your skin, a softer, more natural look results. From natural hair stroke eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, and blush or full lip color, you can have makeup that lasts 24/7.
Colour is added carefully on an initial procedure, and then adjusted/completed in a second session, which is undertaken after 4/6 weeks after allowing the color to settle.

VLCC has introduced SPMU revolutionary make-up technology. Get gorgeously ached shaped eyebrows lips starting from Rs. 34,999/-
It has several benefits.:
• Long lasting results\
• Perfect contouring
• Full and luscious lips
• Semi-permanent eyeliner
After knowing about the SPMU technology, I was so stumbled about its effect and prices offered by VLCC.Also, the services offered by them were amazing.We received an amazing VLCC hamper as the event concluded. Excited to attend more events in future.

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Yay! Monsoon is finally here! Don’t you just love this season? I’m a big fan of the rains; I love everything about this weather, the breeze, the downpour, and the smell of the earth, everything!

Although, there’s this one thing that gets on my nerves, and that is, yes, you guessed it right- too many skin problems; acne, oily skin, dry skin, you name it!

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated you guys about my skincare regime and this looks like the best time to tell you. We all know how rains can make our skin too dry or oily, no thanks to the humidity!

My skin is rather oily and the monsoon just makes it worse- I get undesirable pimples on my face that sometimes leaves back scars. I was browsing the Internet the other day for some good skincare products when I happened to come across this new herbal product from VLCC-Ayurveda Deep Pore Cleansing &Brightening Haldi&Tulsi Face wash.

I’m all about herbal products and well, VLCC, is definitely a trusted brand, so I decided to give it a try. Guess what, it’s absolutely great and did wonders for my skin!

What’s it about?

VLCC’s Ayurveda Deep Pore Cleansing &Brightening Haldi&Tulsi Face wash combines the benefits of haldiand tulsiin one tube.

Ayurveda says that Haldi has antioxidant properties that checks skin problems and give it a natural glow, while Tulsihas anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities that cure skin infections, lightens dark spots and gives the skin a soft texture.

So, thank you VLCC for giving us the combined benefits of these time-tested ingredients in a single face wash!


It has the usual VLCC packaging, i.e. a simple clear plastic squeeze tube. The label at the front and back lists every detail of the product. It’s travel friendly and easy to carry.

It’s available in two sizes, i.e., a 100 ml tube for INR 99, and a 50 ml tube for INR 55; easy on the pocket as well!


It comes enriched with all-natural ingredients like Rose water, Haldiextract, Tulsi Extract, Aloe Vera, Fenugreek, Mulberry and much more.


  • Paraben Free & Synthetic Colorant free
  • Soap Free Ayurvedic Formulation
  • Herbal

How to use it?

The face wash is a translucent gel with yellow colored exfoliating micro beads with a strong herb like smell.

A pea-sized amount is enough for even the oiliest of skins. The micro beads dissolve during the massage and scrubs away the dirt, leaving your face clear, fresh and glowing.

The result

I used it regularly for a week and I was surprised to see its startling difference on my skin.

The bothersome pimples are gone and my face looks fresh, clean and feels soft! The haldi and tulsi truly works-even my dark spots have lightened.

This is one face wash that’s perfect for all skin types and daily use! If you have oily skin, then this one’s a must-try.

Check their website, www.vlccpersonalcare.com for more on the best herbal and Ayurvedic skincare products. You can always trust VLCC to make you look prettier every day. So get going and pamper your skin right away!

Happy Skincare,

Love to all & Stay tuned