Hey loves..! How are you doing?.. Here I am with some fringes in addition to your wardrobe. Fringe has seen resurgence in popularity over the past few years, and today can be found not only on jackets, dresses and skirts, but on accessories, too.

Hippies made fringe an integral part of their freedom-seeking wardrobe. While the music of this era ranged from folk to funk, so did the fashion, with coloured and beaded fringe complimenting gypsy dresses, tie-dye tee shirts, hooded ponchos and more. Fringe is one of those trends that have never entirely been out of fashion.

In real life, though, fringe can be tricky to pull off. Too much can look like a costume, and too thick can look a bit too western.

My advice :- Take a cue from street style and incorporate it into your wardrobe in the form of a pencil skirt that playfully reveals some skin from the knees down.

Fringe-accented tops and accessories are also easy to wear with simple pants. Also you can add it to your casual wear  for a casual and chic look. !

Here,  I am going casual this time wearing my fringe top and jeggings giving a super edgy and sporty yet casual look.. Girls what are you waiting for? Add some fringes to your look now.. !! And there you go! Do let me know how you like this post 🙂

Until next time

Love, Siddhi







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