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It’s been long I haven’t uploaded the blog. Since its march ending I am having more workload in my office. Nevertheless I am here today, as you all might know I am turning towards the ethnic wear more this season. And obviously Why not because its summer?!!

A season with hot trends and cool styling is here. In a period of short span, women’s summer dresses have shown wonders in the fashion industry and are even doing the same. So, have a blast this summer season with this unbelievable fashion trend.

Well, being a shopaholic and always searching about the trends online i was searching on the google for Banarasi saree from Varanasi, Patola from Gujarat and many more and stumbled upon this website called www.theloom.in

The Loom brings you all the beautiful Indian handcrafted products direct from the artisans from all over India. Their products include ,Sarees, Accessories, Apparel, Jewellery and more.

The products are hand-picked and unique with highest quality, designs are sophisticated, fresh and exciting So, if you are looking for something with an eclectic vibe, log in to The Loom, start shopping and tick all the boxes in your wish list at one go.

So, I got this tie and dye dress from the loom and it totally has become one of my favourite this season. Loving the fit, material, prints, colors and the look it gives after wearing it !

Tie-dye is the practice of dying fabrics by utilizing a specific resist dying process. It’s a strategy in which selected areas of fabric are bound or tied in a specific pattern with rubber bands, clamps, or strings so as to resist color when the material is immersed in a dye bath. Thereafter, dye is then applied to the material not being bound with string or rubber bands. With this, the banded area will withstand the dye, making a certain pattern on the material.

Since each design is always different and one can’t forecast the end result with certainty, the surprise is an element of the excitement. Fold here and there and be shocked with the design you get resurrects clothing. Tie-dyeing is a good way to give new life to an old or stained t-shirt. In other words, this process gives a new face to your old clothes and is also a great way to recycle.

This tie and die dress comes up with a subtle green print shrug on it. It has a cotton knitted material and we can wear either as a shrug or an ethnic coat to complete the look.

This trend is never-ending.

I created a soft and subtle ethnic look adding a pair of nose ring, heels and the choker neckpiece with an addition of an oxidised jewellery ! You can definitely rock the outer shrug layering with your western outfits or just add as a wardrobe statement to every clothing type you need.












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