Hello people 🙂 How is 2016 treating you ?!.. Wish you all a wonderful year ahead. This time I am inn with some addition to Black Throne.! Who doesn’t love this colour right? It stands true when said “nothing in the fashion world is really new’. Fashion trends are basically just rotating, and all credits given to the ones who started it. And now the only trick here is how we style and carry it! When it come to styling myself on a daily basis, I always prefer to go with something that is comfortable yet quirky. I believe wearing black never goes wrong.

Here I have created different looks with this one crop top which is so says “Homie”. Well I am just going casual in these looks..! Call the casual revolution whatever you want, but widespread acceptance of casual clothing is the best gift the last century ever bestowed upon fashion.Designers may push various degrees of dressing up, but many of us aren’t going to be trading in our worn-in denim or casual look with some jackets on..!!

Look 1: Sporty Look

How is this look? Basically this look is my personal favourite. Shorts and a crop top are so edgy to carry on! So just paired up this with sneakers to give some sporty look. 🙂

Look 2: Going casual yet quirky

Nothing has to be said about this look! The picture says it all … A normal casual wear with a pair of crop top and ripped jeans is a must addition to every single person wardrobe.

Look 3: A denim addition

Firstly, denim is one of the most – if not the most – versatile fabrics in the world which means you’ve got countless options when it comes to incorporating the stuff into your outfit. So here I just paired up my denim shirt with crop top and jeans by adding some more style to my look.

I would love to know how you would team up your crop top or casual wear..:-) Tag me on Instagram with @thedreamctchr to share your look. Let me know how you like the post.

Until next time

Love, Siddhi.



Details :

Top : Dresshouse from Instagram

Jeans : Zovi.com

Shorts : Flipkart.com

Shoes: Puma





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