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How have you been? So, I am here again with some skincare products review for you all. Recently got a hamper from and they are amazing products.Monsoon skin care is necessary, after all whatever the season is Skincare is the basic !!

At Raw Rituals, they create handmade and nature inspired daily self-care rituals that are simple and effortless to use. Raw Rituals bridges the gap between long lost Indian rituals and the unique modern therapeutic essentials found in various ingredients. The products are crafted as per the inspiration derived from the seasonal changes in nature or from specific ingredients that have valuable properties. Some of the products which they offer are – Pure glycerine soaps, face serums, lip butters, face scrubs, body butters, body scrubs.

Each of the Raw Rituals products is handcrafted in extremely small batches to ensure high levels of quality and consistency. Nature isn’t just beautiful. Even in small doses, it changes the way we feel about our environment and ourselves.

Hence their products do not compose of any synthetic fragrances, preservatives, lathering agents, emulsifiers, or other chemical ingredients.

All Raw Rituals Self-care products are Free of SLS, SLEs and other detergent/ detergent like products, Free of Paraben, Free of Preservatives, Free of synthetic and chemical fragrances. Free of Alcohol, Free of synthetic and artificial colours.

So, enjoy pampering your skin with the purest natural Raw Rituals products.

Because “You owe it to your skin” 😉

Let us come to the review of the products I received :

  1. Lemon Lip Butter


Say Hello to Kissable lips !! I am in love with this lip butter, it’s extremely soft and the aroma is amazing. I feel sweet lemon taste on my lips!!

This lip butter makes your lips soft and supple. Made with pure Cocoa butter, essential oils, pure fruit and flower extracts & more. They heal chapped and dry lips by hydrating them to the core. They help in making lips soft, rosy and glossy.

Price : 150/-

Ingredients: Unrefined beeswax, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Cold pressed almond oil, Vitamin E, Lemon essential oil.

Usage: Pamper your pucker with lip butter daily to keep lips soft supple and hydrated.

  1. Oriental Therapy Face Scrub


This face scrub is so aromatic.  Those Ground aduki beans remove dead skin cells when used on the skin as an exfoliating powder. They polish the skin, leaving it healthy and renewed. They help to stimulate areas where circulation is slow and work well with the warming effects of the other ingredients.

It is mild though to be used daily.

Price: 225/-

Ingredients: Adzuki beans, Frenck pink clay, Rose petals powder, Rice flour, Fullers earth powder, Green tea powder, Orange peel powder, Grinded whole wheat oats.

Usage: Mix adequate amount of scrub/ packwith rose water/ whey water/ curd/ warm water milk to make a paste. Apply on face and neck. Once dry, using your finger tips in circular motion, rinse off with lukewarm water.

3.Green Tea & Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub 


Green Tea & Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub is perfect for a daily ritualistic cleaning. The mild abrasive texture and healing properties of dry green tea leaves work towards reducing blemishes and scars and the exfoliating effects of dead sea salt act scrub off the tan and dead skin cells, breathing a new life into your skin.

The smell of the scrub is uplifting to the senses.

Price: 300/-

Ingredients: Green tea leaves, Dead sea salt, Sugar mix, Rice flour, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, green tea infused oil.

Usage: Take adequate amount of scrub with you in the shower or tub and rub it on dampened skin in circular motion, leave it on for 45 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

So, above were the products I received from and they are naturally abstract and amazing. Just give it a try also cost effective. See you soon..

Love, Siddhi



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